Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thrifty Finds

I've mentioned how I love to thrift, right? Its the thrill of the hunt, you know? "Am I going to find a treasure today???" You walk in and start perusing the aisles of clothes and and rows of shoes. Then you look at all the shelves of cookware & dishes. Does something catch your eye???

Sometimes you win....and sometimes you lose.

Recently, I've been Winning  <--(I'm channeling Charlie Sheen right there....WINNING!!) HA!!

Here are some of my recent finds....

I've found a Butterprint Fridgie! :) WITH the lid!! $1.99...I couldn't pass that up...I rarely ever find fridgies, especially with lids. It's a little faded, but I still love it!!
Next, I came across this Vintage black purse. $4.99...There is no designer tag inside, only a tag that says "Made in Italy" "100% Vegetable Fibre". Its gorgeous, and I can't wait to use it :) 
Lastly....I picked this up at an Estate Sale a while ago....Its a big Ziploc back FILLED with old vintage thread spools. $5.00, I saw it at the last minute, and snatched it up. I love vintage thread, and the wooden spools are so neat!! :)

May the thrifty fairies be on your side :)

Much Aloha,


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