Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Family Fun Night

So, what do you do after a long hard week???......You take the family out for burgers & fries!!

(my phone doesnt take the best pic's, so please forgive the poor quality)
I think Kourt is saying..."I'M EEEATING!!!" While Ali smiles big!

Me and the Mr. ;)

Nothing cures a long week quite like a good Burger & Fries with Hot Cheese Dip!!!.......Y-U-M!!!

(Yes...that is Hot Melty Cheese with a little bit of the Jalapeno Cheese on top)

We don't always eat like this...I Promise....But once in a while you just have to treat yourself. Tomorrow we will eat Salads and water..............maybe.... ;) haha

How do you treat yourself after a long week???

Have a relaxing weekend!

Much Aloha,

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