Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How the heck have you been?!?!?!?

Wow! Talk about a hiatus!
What? It's only been about 2 years since I last posted...

Well, lets catch up. How you been? Oh, me? I've been great! Had a baby, got a dog and made lots of memories in the past couple years. I just got back into sewing and painting and re-opened my Etsy Shop too! I'm going to try really hard to back into the swing of things here on the blog.
I've missed it, and you!

To give you a little look into what I've been up are some pictures :)

We had this little man over a year ago..... <3

And now B is this big!!!!

We adopted this little guy and named him Astro :)

 Little Miss K turned 5!!!
And of course it was a LaLaLoopsy themed party!

Ali turned 15! Goodness.....I feel old now

I just started crafting again....It feels so good to be creative again!

And all the while still having fun this guy in the back! <3

 Well...that's it!

Tell me what's been going on with you??

I pinkie promise to start blogging more and more. I can't wait to share a bit of my new crazy life with you. Cause, oh. is. it. Crazy!

Much Aloha,
Monika ^_^*