Tuesday, April 3, 2012 a nut shell

Busy is an understatement when it come to what has been going on at the SewFullOfLove household. From Birthdays to Plays to Choir Concerts to Sewing...oh yeah...and working...

Calgon...take me away....

Do you remember those commercials??? Or am I Totally dating myself right now??? :) haha!

The Craft Fair that I am going to is just a few weeks away, and I have been sewing my little fingers off. (I probably should be sewing right now...but I really wanted to say HI!) I am excited, and a little nervous, because this is the first time I will be selling my creations face to face with people!

Mid March was Miss Ali's 13th Birthday too!!! We had a party at the house for her and her friends, and they all had a blast!
 We set up a sweets table and I made her cake....isn't it cute!

 Here's a little look at what else we've been up too...
Ali is in "Annie" right now with a local Musical Theater. It's so cute! and It was my Dad's 65th B-Day :) Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
And in between all that, I've been yummy meals...playing with my Ipad...and becoming addicted to Instagram!!! (You can find me at SewFullOfLove if you wanna follow me)  ;)

So I keep saying....Things WILL settle down....eventually :)

But, I'd rather be busy, then bored.

Much Aloha,
Monika *:)