Monday, February 27, 2012

My Beautiful Momma

How Gorgeous is she!!!

I have one of those photo screen savers on my computer. So when I stepped away from my computer today, my screen saver kicked in and started flipping through all my mom's old pictures.

My Dear Mr. scanned them all so we could have copies.

As I stared looking at all the great pic's, I thought...I LOVE looking through all her old photos.

I love everything...the clothes, the hair, everything!
She won "Miss Teenage Philippines" in Los Angeles in 1965!! She was 17 years old.
(yes she IS Filipino, I promise! Just half, other half is Irish)
See! That's my momma with my grandpa! :)

I guess I'm just feeling a little sappy and nostalgic on this Monday.

Love you Momma!! :)

Much Aloha,
Monika *:)


  1. She's so lovely! I adore seeing old photos like this:)

  2. I love old pictures that make you smile! Your mother is just BEAUTIFUL! It is no surprise that she won a beauty contest!

  3. Oh wow.. she looks like a beautiful princess..
    I love old pictures.. we too got some scanned last year..

  4. wow ur mom is so beautiful and stunning! no wonder why she won that competition =)