Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Happy Birthday America!!

This weekend was filled with fun, friends and LOTS of sun!! We went camping all weekend with a bunch of friends. There was tons of kids, and even more food. A lot of fun memories were made...

It really was the perfect weekend, we wished we could have stayed longer :)  ...we roasted marshmallows, hung out at the beach & all the kids had a blast.
(look at the smirk on them two, kourtney looks smitten....should I be worried) :)

Finally on Monday we had a fun filled day. After we went to the beach, the kids had a Watermelon Eating Contest, water balloon toss, water bucket relay race, and at the very end....Fireworks!!

We even had a watermelon eating contest for the lil kiddos :) So Cute!!!

When it was time for fireworks, we all went to the bluff at the back of our group camp we all had the perfect seats to watch the fireworks
So after all the excitement....this is what Kourtney looked like...

Perfect end to the perfect weekend.

So now back to real life....and oh is it HOT!! Seriously, its 10:30 pm right now...and its still 83 degrees in my house!!!! Icky!!!! I think I am going to go soak in a tub of ice cubes....Nighty, night.

Is it hot where you live?

Much Aloha,
Monika :)


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