Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Yup, I've found some good stuff again :) Sometimes it amazes me what you can find at the thrift. "Someone actually gave that away??!!" Do you ever say that to yourself too? Or is it just me?

In my latest visits I've found a vintage Lincoln Beautyware Cake server (MINTY condition, I might add) for about 5 bucks. Yellow Pyrex oval dish, 4 bucks, and a Pyrex Server cradle for a buck!! The cradles are hard to come by, so a soon as I saw this one I snatched it up! :)

As far as this little cutie goes....a very good friend of mine picked this one up for me :) She is adorable!!  She's ceramic and looks vintage...and YES...she bobbles!! :) HAHA!

May the thrifty fairies be on your side :)

Much Aloha,
Monika :)


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