Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stepping out of my comfort zone...

We all have them.
That nice cozy spot that's comfortable and familiar, and not scary at all.
You think about stepping out, but it's different, and you don't know what others are gonna think or say.
That's how I am with what I wear. Basically...I play it safe. Nothing too bright, or "out of the box".
Until the other day.
I stepped out.
At least for ME, this was stepping out ;)

Yup....I wore YELLOW tights!!!
ME...Yellow tights??!! with a cute Retro-Style black and white dress.
I was SOOOO self conscious the whole day.
I could feel the people looking at me. At work, I went to an office meeting and EVERYONE made a big deal about my tights! (in a nice way...but still, WAY too much attention)
I started turning red....I wanted to just leave and take them off.
But I stuck with it, and wore them to whole day.
I walked around with my head up, and just owned it!
It felt good to step out of my comfort zone.
Maybe I'll do it again soon ;)

What are you reluctant to do?

Much Aloha,
Monika *:)

Tights: Target, Shoes: Target, Dress: Ruby Rox


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